8 November 12:45 - 18:00Studio - Altitude

Artificial Intelligence is making its way into our food system

With aim to boost FoodTech and AgroTech development in Skåne, Innovation Skåne in collaboration with the Barrel AI network invites you to a half-day conference on the theme of beneficial application of AI and ML within the FoodTech and AgroTech industries.  

During a half day this will be a meeting place for various Skåne region stakeholders;  AI experts, company representatives, startups representatives and decision makers in the field FoodTech and AgroTech. Together we will, beyond getting inspired by regional key note speakers, aim to identify synergies and collaborations for Skåne growth promising potentials.


    12.45 – 13.00       Gathering

    13.00 – 13.10       FoodTech in the region by Joakim Nelson, Innovation Skåne
    Official conference opening and presentation of the program for the day

    13.10 – 13.35       Talk  by Sofia Ehlde, Oatly
    Driving change with sustainable food tech innovations

    Using innovative food technology, Oatly creates sustainable food products based on oats. Sofia will present the company’s mission which is to drive change to a more sustainable lifestyle by making it easy and attractive for people to switch to plant-based food.

    13.35 – 14.00       Talk by Anders Herlin, SLU
    Sensors for animals and crops

    Anders from Swedish University of Agricultar Sciences will present an overview of agricultural processes where sensors can make a contribution e.g in dairy production and crops and present the concept of precision livestock thinking. He will elaborate on challenges of acquisition and connection of data produced on farms  and how to provide useful information, insights and predictions from this data.

    14.00 – 14.10       Coffee & cake 

    14.10 – 14.35       Talk by Björn Ekelund, Ericssson
    5G – A foundation for value chain disruption
    Much societal-scale innovation is today hindered by strong oligopolies supported by stale ecosystems. Changing the way we produce goods and services, including how we grow, produce and consume food, is very difficult, not only because of consumer behavioral patterns but also because of information shortage/monopolies and huge investment barriers. Digitalization and 5G will change this scene. Permanently.

    14.35 – 15.00       Talk by Mats Persson & Oscar Bagge, IBM
    Can AI help farmers reduce chemicals?
    What started as wild discussion around the coffee machine in Malmö ended up in a research project with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp. During several years we have together investigated if AI, weather data and image recognition can be used to track infections within potatoes. The aim is to reduce the amount of fungicides used in farming. This talk will will also give an overview on how IBM globaly is enhancing farmers decisions with AI.

    15.00 – 15.10       Coffee & cake
    15.10 – 15.30       Panel discussion
    15.30 – 15.40       AI brainstorming sessions presentation by Melina Katkić
    15.40 – 16.15       FoodTech/AgroTech cycle brainstorming group sessions
    16.15 – 16.45       Presentations: findings/conclusions from sessions
    16.45 – 18.00       AW at (downstairs)

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    Speakers & Panellists

    Joakim Nelson
    CEO, Innovation Skåne AB


    Joakim is CEO and Chairman of the Board at Innovation Skåne with extensive experience as an innovation leader, both in Skåne and at an international level. Joakim has held manager positions at for instance Sony Mobile, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson and Anoto. Joakim was also involved in the creation of the Mobile Heights cluster organization in Lund.

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      Sofia Ehlde
      Innovation Director, Oatly


      Sofia Ehlde is the Innovation Director of Oatly. After a Master of Science in Food engineering at Lund University, followed by some years at Nestlé, she joined the startup company Cereal base Ceba AB, that later became Oatly AB. At Oatly Sofia has had several different positions within operations as well as R&D. She is passionate about smart and sustainable food innovations that really make a difference for people and for the planet.

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      Anders Herlin
      Senior Lecturer - Department of Biosystems and Technology, SLU


      Anders Herlin has a background in research in animal production and environment for the last 30 years. He was the first to study biomechanics of cows using digitalized video and he was also early in using of accelerometers to study the activity of cattle. The subject, Precision Livestock Farming (PLF), where sensors provide information on the events and status of animal have been his focus for his research in more than five years, thus pioneering and introducing the subject to the Swedish research community.

      Anders has supervised PhD students doing research in image analysis where the activities of cows were identified and animals tracked. Anders Herlin is also a partner in the H2020 project 4D4F ( which is presently a large information source on PLF technologies which can be used in dairy production and also promoting information activities in this area.

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      Björn Ekelund
      Corporate Research Director, Ericsson


      Björn Ekelund is an ICT industry veteran with over 30 years in industry and academia.

      During his career he has worked on everything from analog belt-clip pagers to 5G radio chips.

      Beside his position at Ericsson, he also a strategic advisor and serves on several of company boards.

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      Betty Toth
      Co-founder & CEO, ipiit The Food Ambassador


      Betty is a pioneer in the food tech space, playing a major role since 2008 in setting global standards around digital food data. Co-Founded ipiit, The Food ambassador - fighting for food transparency and personalized nutrition. Business designer at Krinova Incubator & Science Park where she co-creates innovations with the food community of Skåne. A community of more than 1000 companies and the largest startup scene in Sweden.

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      Oscar Bagge
      Senior Consultant, IBM


      Oscar has worked within a broad spectrum of businesses and industries as a Data Scientist and Management Consultant at IBM. With good use of his background in industrial engineering, he has been part of the many different phases of IT projects, from sales and project management to development.

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      Mats Persson
      Senior Managing Consultant, IBM


      Mats has been working as a senior advisor within logistics and ERP for the last 20 years. He has been working in several global implementations with improving logistical flows and processes. He is also one of IBMs specialists on weather impacts on everything from logistics, maintenance to marketing.

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